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Dr Sarita Davare

Dr. Sarita Davare Dr. Sarita Davare a leading practitioner of health and wellness management

Dr. Sarita Davare is a leading practitioner of health and wellness management in Mumbai. A gold medallist with an M.D. in Ayurveda from Nagpur University, she has developed a holistic approach to wellness, combining the best of traditional Ayurvedic principles with modern medical practice to arrive at a successful solution to the health concerns of her patients.

Specialising in pain and weight management, pain and sports injury, and acupuncture for the treatment of chronic ailments, Dr. Davare has over the past 15 years helped a large number of patients overcome severe painful conditions such as chronic migraine, osteo-arthritis and neuralgia. Her observation that there is a strong connection between obesity and pain, led her to devise the Live Well Diet - a very successful set of simple, natural dietary and fitness practices for weight loss and wellness.
Dr. Davare believes that every individual is unique, with unique physical, mental and emotional attributes. With varying levels of awareness of health issues differing in people, how much one should eat or exercise is often a mystery. Over and above this there are stress levels, erratic routines and personal habits which add to health problems such as obesity. People often cannot find a suitable regime for total well-being. According to her, taking the first step towards a resolve to stay healthy is almost always the game changer.
Dr. Davare says, “I have had many such positive cases over the years and have learned that to Live Well you need to manage your weight through the right food choices in the right proportions, exercise and a positive attitude and determination. Many of their stories in their own words are included in my new book which will bear witness to the fact that finally, it was their own resolve, perseverance right choices that bore fruit and changed their lives for the better.”

Dr. Davare is the recipient of several awards for her sterling contribution to health management, including the prestigious Rajasthriya Savitri Award in Maharashtra in February 2013.


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